Privacy policy

esse-ti as Data Controller, according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) UE 2016/679 relating to the  protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data as stated in the file “Lista dei responsabili del trattamento e trattamenti associati” attached to the papers of the GDPR, of which the current document is an integral part States that

As holder of a business which claims to be GDPR compliant, we’ll keep up with the following points:

Our moral principles:

  • We don’t collect more data than necessary
  • We don’t use data for different purposes than declared
  • Data retention won’t exceed what declared
  • We won’t communicate data to third persons

1 - Data collection and tracking

  1. When WEBSITE is accessed
    you can access our Web Site without communicating personal data. We can use Google Analytics and/or Cookies to improve our service, your experience and check how the site is used.
    Besides the approx. localization given by your IP address, data thus collected are for the most part anonymous, regarding the Browser used, the device used and what language. We don’t collect further data, such as age, gender, preferences, bank details or navigation profile. Collected data  give a big picture about how people access and use the site. For no further use it is used, such as profiling who accesses the site.

2 -When you contact us

  1. Web Site
    Although you can use the site with no personal data communication, once you contact us through the site we collect the data and save it, so to contact you, reply to your requests and/or enable your access to our services.

  2. E-mail and ordinary mail
    Once you have been contacted through e-mail (or ordinary) you’ll be able to request by the same way your cancellation from our address books and/or mailing lists. This may imply our inability to guarantee our work. All data we’ll interchange with our customers are confidential, i.e. we won’t communicate them to third parties, if not expressly allowed.
    Once contacted by mail, we’ll use data we collected in the time and way enough to satisfy the requests.

3 - Data security
We take care of the privacy of the natural persons we deal with. When we collect data we make sure that such data is protected against unauthorized access, loss, mishandling, waste or leak. This is performed through proper technical measures.

4 - Data access
Any natural person has always the right to access the information we have about him/her. This may be accomplished through out mail box. We’ll make our best effort to deliver a copy of the data. In order to accomplish this, however, we could ask for an identification of the requestor. Communication of data will be digital, or otherwise stated. Further requests will be charged with a fee.

5 - Data correction and cancellation
Anyone who judges that the data we have is not correct is welcome to contact us, to rectify it. Collected data will be destroyed as stated in the information given at collection time. If and when anyone asks us to cancel the data we have, just ask us.

6 - When this Policy is applied
We apply this policy to all our services

7 - Changes
We reserve the right to change our privacy policy anytime. We always make our best efforts to make it more affective and fit to our job and GDPR abiding. We’ll never modify the rights of the natural persons we manage, without their specific request. All the changes and this Policy will be  filed with the GDPR documentation we retain, which is made publicly accessible.

8 - In summary
In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) UE 2016/679, we collect  only the necessary data from the natural persons we manage, to correctly fulfil the goals we pursue. We don’t use the data for purposes other than declared. We guarantee that the data we collect are stored in a safe way. All the unnecessary data will be cancelled. We check and improve this Policy to be more effective and better protect natural persons data.

9 - Anyone can

  1. Request in any moment access to the information we have about him/her
  2. Correct in any moment the information we have about him/her
  3. Destroy in any moment the information we have about him/her

Recanati, 25/05/2018
The Data Controller is esse-ti, via G. Capodaglio p, 62019 Recanati (MC) Italy.